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My interest in music - my first ten years
I want to tell you, step by step, how my interest in popular music started. I've been told that I was only 2-3 years old when I started to listen to music.

My grandfather had a lot of old 78's and he played them to me on his HMV grammophone. An early favourite of mine was 'Valpen i fönstret' (Doggie in the Window) as sung in swedish by Cacka Israelsson and Astrid Söderbaum. I also loved to hear 'Min Soldat' by Ulla Billquist and some children's records by Alice Babs.

I was about 7 years old when my parents bought a grammophone and they often played 'Vita Hästen' by the danish singer Max Hansen.

My father loved to hear 'Oh Mein Papa' by Eddie Calvert and on Television I saw 'Robin Hood' and loved the theme as sung by Dick James and produced by George Martin. Fifteen years later I met Dick James and George Martin in London for the very first time!

From this time I started to buy some records of my own and among my first single and EP-records were 'Happy Jose (Ching Ching)' by Jack Ross and 'Den Siste Mohikanen' by Little Gerhard. I also remember listening to Tommy Steele as my best friend at the time had a 78 by him.

Music when I was about to be a teenager in the early 1960s
We had to go to school six days a week when I was young but thankfully the last lesson on Saturday's was planned by the pupils themselves.

I remember that we very often played records, now 45's singles and EP's, and had a 'Top Ten' at school. Among the artist I listened to in the beginning of the 1960's were Cliff Richard, The Streaplers, Anita Lindblom, Lill-Babs, Elvis Presley, Tommy Steele and many more and I'm quite sure that my interest in popular music of the 1960's really started to grow at school.

And we had Radio Syd - our beloved pirate radio station!!

Radio Syd - 88,3 MHz on FMInlagd: 2011-01-16
Radio Syd was a pirate radio station based on a boat, Cheeta II, in Öresund between Denmark and Sweden.

Radio Syd was very, very, popular in southern Sweden during the years 1958-1966. Thanks to Britt Wadner who started and owned Radio Syd my interest in popular music started very early.

This was really a radio channel for anyone in this area and it forced the Swedish National Radio to broadcast more popular music.

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